Judy Epstein



Life Enrichment Coaching with Judy

Aloha! My name is Judy Epstein and I've been a Life Enrichment Coach since 1996 (Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation).

I specialize in assisting dedicated and committed individuals to transform their lives into enriching and nourishing ones. I help to hold the vision of your best Self living your most desired life and guide you through the changes, subtle or dramatic, that will manifest the healthiest expression of these visions. Our work together is complete when you are living the desires of your Heart and Soul and you are familiar and comfortable with navigating through whatever challenges arise in life.

My role is to deeply inspire and compassionately guide you to more clearly understand what is really important to you and how to create and sustain it in your life.

My style is direct, to the point, and very loving along the way.

Here are a few client testimonials of their experiences in working with me as their Life Enrichment Coach. After them, I discuss how to proceed should you choose to take the next step in working with me.


"Wow, what a difference! Having Judy as a coach has been a wonderful, transforming experience. I have been able to organize my life, repair broken and damaged relationships and anticipate the challenges of dealing with three hair-raising teenagers! As a busy executive, the neatest thing to me was the ability to do all of this from the comfort of my own home or office. The last thing I needed was to schedule an appointment, drive to it, sit in an office and waste precious time trying to sort things out. Being in touch with Judy through email, fax and phone was just the ticket I needed. Best of all, I feel better about myself. Judy has helped me to erase the negative tapes that were ever present in my mind and replace them with positive things that were dying to get out! I now feel wonderfully in control, something that I desperately needed to feel. I highly recommend Judy's firm, funny and insightful guidance." --N.J.M., wife, mom, business owner, after 4 months of coaching

"Judy Epstein has been coaching me for the past year and it has changed my life completely. Life Enrichment Coaching has made me become more aware of situations, both personally and professionally. I have become more focused, positive and stronger. When I first began my coaching sessions with Judy, I was financially unstable. Within the first 6 months, I paid off $6,000 in unwanted bills and Judy helped me put together a realistic budget and started me investing in my retirement. I can personally say that am beginning to LIVE MY LIFE, instead of surviving my life. I truly thank Judy Epstein for all of her help, support and encouragement." --C.G., Sales representative for a national company

"I am thankful for coaching with someone as gifted and nonjudgmental as Judy Epstein. She has enabled me to see events in my life, my attitudes and feelings from a different and fresh perspective and has helped me to see things for what they are and not for what I think they should be. Coaching with Judy has given me a new perspective, a way of looking at my life. When I began my Life Enrichment Coaching, I had all the fears and patterns of my past plaguing me. That is no longer the case -- now I see challenge and opportunity for growth where before I saw insecurity and anxiety. Now I am free to be whoever I want to become; before I had no idea who I was and let others decide for me. Now I am motivated by my desire to expand myself -- to reach higher and aspire for a greater purpose; before I was disoriented and unsure of my role. I thank you, Judy Epstein, from the bottom of my heart." --S.S., Publishing Executive

"Thank you for all of your help. I could not be on this road to true personal growth without you - you have shown me how to have faith in myself, trust myself to know what is best for me, and to move forward with hope and confidence." --J.E.B., attorney

"Judy was extremely helpful in identifying areas for me to work on that improved the quality of my life. She is especially gifted at communicating ideas or explaining concepts in a way that is easy to understand and actionable. She has a lot of creative ideas and enthusiasm. I feel I was able to make decisions that positively impacted my life. I found myself thinking "outside the box" to open up to new possibilities." --K.G., mother of two

"I can't even begin to imagine where I would be today without Judy's coaching and friendship. I have benefited more in the months that she coached me than in all the years combined that I had other professional help. I cannot thank you enough for helping me progress on my journey to understanding and accepting myself. The skills and insight you helped me attain enable me to continue on my journey and be successful. I am eternally grateful to you for helping me to: live my life more confidently, open myself to the universe, own and acknowledge my feelings, honor my self-worth, and see myself as a lovely woman with a great sense of humor who loves and accepts herself." --M.G.H., a 55-year-old woman who has discovered, created, and is now living a new life following divorce


My fee of $250 for 4 sessions is VERY reasonable - a fair investment for the quality Life Enrichment Coaching received.

The coaching fee is prepaid each month and covers 4 weekly appointments lasting 30 minutes (or more, if necessary) by phone or video chat. I have found that the weekly appointments are the most productive, although other options can be explored. Included is some texting or e-mailing to clarify questions or share exciting results of exercises in between sessions.

Should my style be a fit for you, then contact me. If you'd like, we can schedule a complimentary coaching session to confirm a mutually good fit. You can text or call me at 520-903-4474 (I live in Hawaii which is 2 hours earlier than Pacific Time) or email me at JudyOnMaui@aol.com. It would help to know your availability and in which time zone you live should we set up a mutually beneficial time.

I look forward to hearing from you and would be honored should I become your Life Enrichment Coach!

Warmly, Sincerely and, with Aloha,

Judy Epstein