Thank you for being interested or curious as to who I am.

I've worn many hats and while they all come from a unique force within me, none seem to fully capture who I am because beyond all of these hats is a greater, truer perspective: I'm a spiritual Being having a human experience as Judy Epstein.

Close to my heart and Soul has been the desire to help others. A strong influence early on in the early 70's was having a father who was a Harvard-trained Physician and General Surgeon and a brother who was a Chiropractor when those two forms of "doctor" were basically opposed to one another. I could easily see the value of both and bring them together.

I graduated from the University of Arizona's College of Nursing with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1980 and worked as a Rehabilitation Nurse helping with spinal cord injury, head trauma, and stroke. I chose Rehab because it emphasized wellness - in addition to medical care, my work focused on teaching patients how to reclaim their lives and regain their independence through whatever modifications were needed. While employed as a Rehab Nurse, I began to explore alternative healing practices leading to my certification as a Touch for Health Instructor and a Licensed Massage Therapist.

In 1985, I opened my private practice as a Nurse Massage Therapist, combining conventional medical training with alternative healing. Throughout my years in practice, I continually expanded my skills and expertise earning certifications such as Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Certified Neuromuscular Therapist, St. John's Method and Professional Certified Coach.

As a Life Enrichment Coach, I help people transform their lives to promote their wellness and healing by choosing actions and choices that bring greater peace and fulfillment professionally, personally and spiritually. Clients enrich the quality of their lives and foster whole-being vitality and productivity.

Out of my desire to empower others to help themselves, I made tools and products (Shiatsu Hoop, Lomi Stick, Strap-On Cool Packs) and taught self-treatment techniques encouraging and furthering wellness and independence. As a Life Coach, I worked with other coaches to co-author the book, "Self-Esteem: A Guide to Getting It".

When the beauty of nature inspired me, I took photos of places I loved and discovered that others were interested in buying them. I then taught myself how to print such images on a large format printer, mat and frame them and later create them as large canvas photos. My pieces were in stores, restaurants, and art showings and weekend outdoor venues, especially on Mt. Lemmon, AZ where I had a mountain cabin. The mountain community was at risk for wildfires so I also became red-card certified as a wildland firefighter and worked extensively educating the community on how to be more "Firewise". Unfortunately in 2003 this Mt. Lemmon community, Summerhaven, was devastated by a firestorm though several cabins survived specifically due to Firewise efforts.

In 2007, the island of Maui "called" me and by May 2007 I was living there, changing the course of my life. For whatever reason, the "message" from the island was to do things differently, so I immersed myself in learning the Hawaiian culture. I began learning the  Hawaiian language and was fortunate to become part of a traditional, well-respected "hālau hula" (a school in which the ancient Hawaiian dance form called hula is taught) for 2 years under the very gifted "Kumu" (teacher) Keali'i Reichel, a world famous and highly respected musician within the Hawaiian culture. To this day I am grateful for the powerful chants and deep understanding and appreciation of ancient Hawaiian reverence for the spirit and natural world and how to live with genuine Aloha.

I was also introduced to Hawaiian outrigger paddling and joined a club that races 6 paddlers in a canoe. Since only 6 people can be in the canoe on race day, I learned that unless I did something to elevate my standing as a paddler, I would remain watching from the beach on race day. Using my own one-man outrigger canoe (OC1) and following an extremely disciplined training program during the 6-person off season, I went out on the ocean on even the scariest of days so there would be no excuses and transformed myself into a top level paddler. This was the first time I removed my self-limiting beliefs and barriers to access what is possible when I fully apply myself. It has made the accomplishments of 3 Silver Medals at State Championship Races and Gold at World Sprints meaningful to me, revealing what a "B team player" can do when she really wants to!

My current transformational journey centers around Spirituality. Personally I've been grappling with how different my "wiring" seems to be from others, mostly in ways that in the past has yielded profound sorrow and loneliness. Now on Maui over 7 years, the initial "calling" has ripened: I'm called to live courageously from the fullness of my Soul - to remember and embrace my Soul's purpose in this lifetime and to peacefully engage and enjoy my unique "wiring". Though I cannot and chose not to give any of this a label, I sense that sharing my process and thoughts may be of value. is where I plan to share aspects of enjoying my newfound peace. Should it interest you, please follow along. Should you want to respond, please do so - I would be honored to hear from you!

With Genuine Aloha,


About Judy Epstein - my life so far...

Judy Epstein